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Athens Softwood Pellets

Athens Softwood Pellets
Price: $260.00 ton
Price: $6.00 bag

A premium wood pellet has no additives like glue or other adhesives.

We offer premium 100% softwood pellets from Maine Woods Pellet Company, located in Athens, Maine. This pellet is 100% Pine. The raw materials for these pellets come from sustainable woodlands that are owned and managed by certified Master Loggers.

The highest grade pellets.
Maine Woods pellets meet or exceed all the specifications of a premium pellet: Consistent hardness and energy content; uniform dimension (less than 1.5 inches long); limited sawdust (amount of fines passing through .125 inch screen no more than .5 percent by weight); low salt content (no more than 300 parts per million); and low ash content, an important factor in maintenance frequency.

Premium softwood pellets in 40lb bags.

Independently tested for quality.
Each batch of these quality pellets is tested by an independent, third-party lab to guarantee you receive a clean burning, low ash fuel. Our pellets meet the Pellet Fuel Institute’s specs for a premium pellet.

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